Occupational Health at Memorial Community Hospital

Occupational Health (OH) is one of many departments at Memorial Community Hospital and Health System (MCH) however not many people know what they do. In short, OH provides medical evaluations and manages vaccine requirements for businesses in the area, including the hospital. A business can contract with OH to provide medical evaluations, clearing for respirators, physical fit testing, hearing tests, vision screenings, vitals, Covid testing, flu shots and other vaccines. If a company is interested in partnering with MCH, the hospital sets up an account through the billing department and has a point of contact that works directly with the OH nurses. MCH also provides Department of Transportation exams and pre-employment drug screening through the Laboratory if a physical is not needed.

Currently MCH has partnerships with 12 local businesses in which OH will visit the business on a regular basis to provide services as scheduled. Many more local businesses have a partnership where they send employees to the facility. In addition to this, MCH employs roughly 250 people who are screened, fit tested, and have their immunizations tracked and updated. They also handle employee sick calls, all internal worker’s compensation cases and bloodborne pathogen tracking and lab testing.

If you or your business is interested in more information, please call our Occupational Health Department Nurse at (402) 426-1134.

MCH Occupational Health