Celebrating Medical Milestones: Bringing Orthopedic Excellence to Memorial Community Hospital

Memorial Community Hospital and Health System recognized the community’s need for specialized orthopedic services. They embarked on a mission to bring advanced orthopedic care closer to our residents, aiming to enhance the quality of life for individuals with orthopedic conditions by providing access to top-tier care by a team of esteemed surgeons.

Dr. Edward Szuszczewicz, Dr. Daniel Ocel, and Dr. Thomas Saylor joined the hospital’s orthopedic team, each bringing their unique expertise and dedication. Over the years, they have achieved remarkable milestones, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in a critical access setting. Their contributions have significantly impacted countless patients’ lives, transforming how orthopedic care is delivered in Blair and the surrounding area.

Dr. Edward Szuszczewicz celebrates 20 years of hips!

Dr. Edward Szuszczewicz’s remarkable skill in minimally invasive Total Hip and Knee surgeries has enhanced the lives of patients in the area. During any hip replacement surgery, the damaged bone is cut and removed, along with some soft tissues. In minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon makes a smaller incision and cuts or detaches fewer muscles around the hip. Benefits of this technique include less damage to soft tissues, less painful recovery, and a more rapid return to normal activities. Dr. Szuszczewicz patients and colleagues alike applaud his incredible 20-year milestone.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Szuszczewicz has displayed a commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest surgical techniques and medical advancements. His dedication to education and profound empathy for patients has earned him a reputation as one of the most respected orthopedic surgeons in the country.

Dr. Szuszczewicz received the prestigious Charnley Award, the highest award in hip replacement research worldwide, for his work at Tulane University and is a published author of numerous papers based on his work. He was one of the first surgeons in the country to adopt the Anterior Minimally Invasive technique for hip replacement surgery back in 2003, and has spent more than 14 years teaching the technique to surgeons around the country.

Congratulations to 20 years of hips, Dr. Ed Szuszczewicz!

Dr. Daniel Ocel: First Total Ankle Replacement Surgery performed in Blair, NE

Dr. Daniel Ocel has completed the first total ankle replacement surgery at MCH, resulting in a groundbreaking moment for orthopedic care in Blair, NE. Total ankle surgeries are complex procedures more commonly associated with larger metropolitan hospitals. However, Dr. Ocel’s exceptional skills and the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality orthopedic care have made it possible to perform this procedure at a critical access hospital.

Dr. Ocel’s ability to perform total ankle surgeries locally speaks to his expertise and dedication to advancing care in our community. Congratulations to Dr. Ocel and the team for your first total ankle replacement in Blair, NE!

Dr. Thomas Saylor: Esteemed Board-Certified Hand and Upper Extremity Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Saylor has built a reputation for excellence in orthopedic surgery over the years at MCH in Blair, NE. He is committed to providing exceptional care to patients of all ages, from athletes with sports-related injuries to individuals seeking relief from chronic orthopedic conditions.

With a deep understanding of the intricate anatomy and mechanics of the hand and upper limb, Dr. Saylor is skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions and injuries. From carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis to complex fractures and nerve injuries, Dr. Saylor employs state-of-the-art tools, technology and techniques to deliver the best possible outcomes for his patients in Blair, NE.

His comprehensive approach includes performing minimally invasive surgeries and arthroscopic procedures such as joint endoscopic carpal tunnel release, needle aponeurotomy for Dupuytren’s and arthroscopic rotator cuff repair his precise surgical techniques and commitment to evidence-based medicine make him a top choice for those seeking relief and recovery­­­. Congratulations to Dr. Saylor for his continued success in Blair, NE!

The orthopedic providers at MCH are committed to actively participating in the local community and addressing rural residents’ specific healthcare challenges. They are shining examples of the commitment to excellence and innovation with achievements that are a source of immense pride for the hospital and the community. The knowledge and expertise of these renowned orthopedic surgeons and the hospital’s investment in cutting-edge technology and training have made it possible to provide world-class orthopedic care locally, right here in your backyard.