An X-ray exam uses electromagnetic radiation to produce images of your bones, teeth and internal organs.

An X-ray machine produces an X-ray beam using a tube that is carefully focused on the body part being examined. The machine produces a tiny burst of radiation, at a safe level, that passes through the body and records an image on film or on a specialized plate.

As X-rays pass through your body, different tissues absorb different amounts of the radiation. This creates varying level of radiation exposure on the X-ray film.

An X-Ray can be used to:

  • Determine whether a bone is chipped, dislocated or broken
  • Evaluate joint injuries and bone infections
  • Screen for heart and lung diseases
  • Find and treat artery blockages
  • Diagnose the cause of persistent coughing or chest pain
  • Check for broken ribs or a punctured lung
  • Evaluate abdominal pain
  • Detect spinal defects
  • Evaluate infection of the sinuses (sinusitis)


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