Start of a New Year

The start of a new year is an opportunity to take stock of our health and establish goals to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though COVID-19 dominates headlines and is top of mind for many, there are things we can do to take control of our health in other ways.

Getting back on track with a healthy diet following the holidays, ensuring regular medical check-ups and screenings are scheduled, and staying active in ways that don’t put you at risk of exposure to the coronavirus will go a long way in ensuring health and happiness in 2021.

• Schedule annual doctor appointments in advance. Regular check-ups and screenings are integral to preventing potential medical issues. Consult your calendar this month and decide when you’re going to see your primary care doctor and your specialists. Be sure to research your medical provider’s COVID-19 policies and check with your insurance provider about available telehealth services if a face-to-face visit isn’t necessary or practical.

• Make it easier to eat right. Recent studies indicate that three out of four Americans aren’t consuming enough fruits and vegetables. You can avoid becoming a statistic by turning to healthier, more filling foods. Swap out a bag of chips for an apple or orange slices. If you don’t have time to cook elaborate meals each night, weekly meal prep is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting necessary daily nutrients.

• Put fitness first. Experts say that 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day is optimal for healthy living. This includes everything from running around the block to at-home yoga and weight training. Whatever exercise you choose, it’s most important to pick something you can do consistently. If you decide to work out at a gym, be sure to mask up and follow the facility’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

While it is a new year, we are still in the midst of a pandemic that must be taken seriously. Follow your state’s and the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines to protect yourself and those around you. Let’s stay safe and stay healthy in 2021.

Fitness First