MCH&HS Donates Former Tekamah Clinic

Several months after the new MCH&HS Cottonwood Clinic in Tekamah opened at its new location on Highway 32 just west of town, the former Cottonwood Clinic location has found a new owner.

The transfer of the building to the Tekamah Herman Decatur Church Community Council was completed earlier this month. The church council is taking this opportunity to establish a permanent location for the Food Pantry in the former Cottonwood Clinic, located on South 9th Street. This new ownership of the building will be an exciting opportunity for the community of Tekamah, and will allow the building to continue to serve Tekamah and Burt County by providing nutrition assistance, education, and community development assistance.

“I am grateful that MCH&HS was given the opportunity to help provide a permanent home to the Food Pantry by donating the clinic to the church council. We are happy to make a contribution that will help many residents of the community,” said Manny Wolf, President and CEO of MCH&HS.

The Church Council plans to open the pantry doors after the first of the year. According to Patty Olson, Food Pantry representative, “ We are so excited to be able to have the Cottonwood Clinic building for our food pantry needs. We have exciting plans for the building. After some remodeling, we are expecting our move to be after the first of the New Year.”